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Itastone Quartz

Affordable Luxury

A collection of 28 colours that offer unparalleled quality
in terms of durability and finish.

"Turn your thoughts to quartz"

  complete with a 10 year guarantee

  "for peace of mind"

"Hygiene you can trust"

  93% Quartz

  "Scratch & Stain Resistant"

"Worktops fitted within 3 Days"

  Guaranteed !!

Itastone Inspiration

The Itastone Collection

Itastone Statuario new 2021 £££ premium +
Itastone Seta new ££ premium
Itastone Nero Marquina new £££ premium +
Itastone Pebble new ££ premium
Itastone Calacatta Platinum new £££ premium +
Itastone Coral Grey new ££ premium
Itastone Grey Marquina new £££ premium +
Itastone Carrara ££ premium
Itastone Mountain White new ££ premium
Itastone Grey Mirror £ Classic
Itastone White Mirror £ Classic
Itastone Black Mirror £ Classic
Itastone Cream Mirror £ Classic
Itastone Ice White £ Classic
Itastone Calacatta £££ premium +
Itastone Ocean Drift ££ premium
Itastone Plain Grey £ Classic
Itastone Plain White £ Classic
Itastone Latte £ Classic
Itastone Graphite £ Classic
Itastone Coffee Brown £ Classic
Itastone Ice Grey £ Classic
Itastone Brown Mirror £ Classic
Itastone Glacier White new ££ premium